Sugar-free wine

Wine: it is a beverage that many people enjoy, but also want to enjoy a fit and healthy body. It is no secret that alcoholic drinks also contain sugars and carbohydrates.

For people who want to drink a wine without guilt, there is a solution: sugar-free wine. What exactly is such a wine, what are its unique properties and what are its benefits? Find out more below!

Sugar-free wine from PURE The Winery

First, of course, there is the question: does sugar-free wine actually exist? The answer, in short, is yes. For several years now, we at PURE The Winery have been producing and selling our range of sugar-free wines. There are is a growing group of people who want to enjoy a good glass of wine, but preferably without its drawbacks. Of those disadvantages, sugar is an important one.

Sugar is a disadvantage for people who cannot consume sugar for health reasons, for example. Think of Diabetics, for instance, who want to keep blood sugar balanced at all times.

Similarly, if you want to lose weight and wish to avoid sugars to do so, wine that does not contain sugar is a good alternative, to wine that is rich in sugars.

Finally, wine that does not contain sugar is an interesting alternative for people who want to limit their calorie intake. For example, athletes, who want to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, but be as responsibly as possible.

Wine with no sugars is clearly an interesting alternative in many situations and for many people. With wines from PURE The Winery, you have a sugar-free alternative to red wine, white wine, rosé wine, as well as a white and rosé sparkling wine.

Sugar-free wines from PURE The Winery

At PURE The Winery, you will find 5 types of sugar-free wine, all of which have the following characteristics:

0 grams of sugar
0 grams of carbohydrates
At least 30% fewer calories
0% animal ingredients and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans"

But how can that be? A tasty and award-winning wine without sugars. We explain that below.

Wine without sugar

Sugars are in almost everything these days: from biscuits to bread and, yes, also in wine. According to the Dutch Nutrition Centre, there are an average of 8.9 grams of sugar in a 150gr/ml wine glass. That is, in conversion, more than two Dutch sugar cubes per glass.

PURE The Winery uses its own unique and traditional fermentation technique to remove sugars by converting them into alcohol in a completely natural way.

The grapes used to make PURE The Winery's wines are carefully selected and picked at the right time. A grape contains sugars that can ferment into alcohol and sugars that cannot ferment into alcohol.

The first sugars are simply fermented into alcohol by our winemaker Daniele Cusmano. For the residual sugars that cannot ferment, Daniele has developed his own unique fermentation technique. In this way, he manages to convert even the residual sugars into alcohol completely naturally.

This makes us enormously proud of the nutrition label with 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of carbohydrates that we display on every bottle.

At least 30% fewer calories compared to regular wines

An added benefit of the absence of sugars in sugar-free wine is, of course, that it also contains fewer calories. Sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol create calories, so wine without sugars and carbohydrates automatically means fewer calories in your glass of wine. PURE The Winery's wines contain at least 30% fewer calories compared to wines containing ≥12% alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar.

10.5% alcohol

PURE The Winery's wines contain no sugar, no carbohydrates and therefore at least 30% fewer calories. All wines from PURE The Winery contain as much as 10.5% alcohol.

Award-winning taste

We are proud to have won awards at several prestigous wine competitions and received higher scores than other quality wines containing sugar and carbohydrates. We have won awards at the Paris Wine Cup, London Wine Cup, Sommeliers Choice Awards and most recently, one of the world's leading wine critic's, James Suckling tasted PURE Zero Sugar White wine and rated it with 87 points.

But besides that, we also get very happy with the thousands of positive reviews from PURE Zero Sugar wine lovers. We are proud to offer you, the wine lover, a more responsible choice. A choice that solves the dilemma between pleasure and guilt: wines without unnecessary extras.