If you want to consume as little sugar as possible in your daily life or follow a sugar-free diet for
health reasons, then there is now a wine to enjoy.

Our wines contain zero sugar and therefore no carbohydrates. They also contain 10.5% alcohol and
have an award-winning taste.

Are you following a keto or other low-carb diet? Our wines contain no carbohydrates,
so you can follow your diet and still enjoy wine.

PURE Zero Sugar wines also contain at least 30% fewer calories than wines containing ≥ 12% alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar. Try our intro Offer now and join more than 50,000 PURE ZERO SUGAR consumers.

"With many products without sugar, you have to sacrifice flavor. That is certainly not the case with this wine. The difference is not noticeable. A very nice wine that can be drunk without guilt."

- Kathleen

How come the wines do not contain sugar and carbohydrates?

The grapes used for PURE are carefully selected and picked at the right time when most of the sugars in the grape can ferment into alcohol. The sugars that cannot ferment into alcohol are minimally present in the grape at that time. Residual sugars are completely converted to alcohol by a unique and 100% natural fermentation method.

Nutrition label
Nutrition label

What do people say about our Zero Sugar wines?

Scott K

Delivered neatly on time in correct packaging. The set of five offers ample opportunity to taste and figure out which wine best suits your favorite dishes or occasions. Some acquaintances should watch out for sugar, I got good comments from them! 'I'll be back' said a famous actor! me too!!!!


After doubting for a long time whether to order this wine, as it would fit within my keto diet, did this anyway. Thinking to myself that it would mess up my diet and the weight loss for this week would stand still,as this is the case with the non-sugar and non-zero carbohydrate wines. After the first two sips I was sold, a lovely fresh and smooth wine that drinks away nicely. And during the next weigh-in......, just lost three kilos!

Michelle W

I always drink white wine, so also ordered white from you. Surprisingly, I like it, nice touch, I follow the weight watchers program and there this wine is 0 points! So ideal for me to still enjoy a glass of wine once in a while!

Nessa Kinnerey

After a completely unexpected type 1 diabetes diagnosis, ordered this starter pack for my birthday and totally happy with it! Of course I can also have "normal" wine, but this wine is seriously tasty and better for me, so an easy choice. Besides tasting great, the bottles are beautiful. And, not unimportantly, fast delivery. From me an easy 5 stars.

Sarah N

A wonderful initiative to make more "conscious" wines and the taste is sublime. Not a single regret that I ordered a box of red wine and will order again with 100% certainty. The red wine has a wonderfully smooth taste. Highly recommended!

Lisa B

The wine is surprisingly delicious, you do not have the impression that you are drinking a low calorie wine! Lovely full-bodied white wine with a good aftertaste. Let yourself be surprised!


Good flavors, you definitely don't miss the calories , a tasty and varied range, and a good feeling that in Mn keto diet I can still grab an occasional glass without feeling guilty!

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